We work closely together with various award-winning designers and design agencies to create new products that nicely fit your interior.


We always strike for a combination of function, elegance and value in meaningful products. And we believe that this can only be achieved, if a certain logic is visible in the final product. So this logic is often defined at the very beginning of our design process and can derive from geometry, from the function of the product or the usage of material – to name just the most obvious.

Feasibility is a qualification all our designs have to comply with. And this does explicitly include concepts that challenge the status quo.



Together with our clients we design products and packagings for tomorrow, to be meaningful, consumer oriented, serving prosperity and bringing a better experience. Aiming high we set sustainability as a key driver for change. To improve it, to do better, for the planet, for people and for good companies

BLACKBIRDS is full service from idea to product launch, end to end or à la carte.
Our experienced team of design creatives is pragmatic and result driven and continuously striving for excellence.


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